Butterflies on Main

Waunakee’s 6th Annual Public Art Project


The Village of Waunakee, in partnership with the Endres Mfg. Company and the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce, is happy to announce the sixth annual Waunakee Public Art Project. Last year’s project, Mutts on Main, was successful in continuing to build upon the creative and innovative identity of Waunakee. The Village and its partners would like to build on this project and see it taken even further, including expanding on another facet of Waunakee’s heritage.

Butterfly Cut-Out

This year’s project is called Butterflies on Main, and will highlight Waunakee’s passion for protecting our friends the butterflies. Endres Mfg. Company will once again donate time, labor, and materials to provide our artists with steel butterfly cutouts. A $200 stipend (half from Endres Mfg. Company Foundation and half from the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce) will be provided to each artist or artist team. Those interested in applying must currently live or work within the school district limits of Waunakee, or be a graduate of the Waunakee Community School District.

All of the finished butterflies will be displayed on light posts along the Main Street corridor for the the summer. For further details and how to apply, see below.

Project Description:

Artists will be assigned a steel butterfly cutout, which will have the appropriate mounting fixture on the back. For exact shape, please see the link below. The artist is completely free to determine theme, materials, and general direction of the final product.

Butterfly Specs

Finished butterflies will be displayed on light posts along the Main Street corridor for the the summer. After display is over, a plaque which will include artist information and credits, as well as information for Endres Mfg. Company and the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce will be included with the butterflies when they are sold. After the butterflies are removed from view, they will be auctioned off to the community at Wauktoberfest. Proceeds will support projects that benefit the community through the Waunakee Creative Economy Initiative and the Endres Foundation.


  • Continue to develop a sense of place and artistic identity within Waunakee and surrounding regions 
  • Build off of the success of last year’s project and make public art a point of interest for the Village
  • Strengthen the relationship between Waunakee businesses and citizens through art and creativity
  • Promote the downtown area through commerce, partnerships, and increased foot traffic 


Each artist or team of artists will be given a $200 stipend for use throughout the project. This includes coverage including but not limited to: supplies, transportation, studio overhead, and more. Any expenses exceeding $200 are the responsibility of the artists to cover. Stipends generously provided by Endres Mfg. Company Foundation and the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce.

Selection Process and Criteria

A panel will review the submissions and select the 12 recipients of butterflies based on a list of pre-determined criteria. This selection criteria will include:

  • Expression of some kind of theme
  • Creativity and innovative thinking shown in enhancing the simple cutout
  • Integration of final piece into setting
  • Clarity of vision, organization, and realistic completion expectations
  • Artistic merit

Whats Happening Now:

The 12 chosen artists have been notified of selection. Congratulations to this years artists/teams:

  • Michelle Butcher
  • Micaela Hornung & Katie Pinzon
  • Todd Miller
  • Lainey Chancellor
  • Natalie Peterson
  • Nicole Heuer, Cindi Atkinson, Kurt Schmudlach, Ashley Nielsen, Chris Kruchten and Waunakee Manor Residents
  • Rona Neri & Natasha Lutes
  • Lori & Claudia Carlson
  • Kayla Proctor
  • Abby Wilson
  • Gina Tiziani-Beck
  • Don Spencer


Tuesday, April 21: Submissions from Artists Open

Friday, May 22: Submissions from Artists Due

Week of May 25: Selection Committee meets, accepted artists will be notified

Week of June 1: Butterflies and stipends are picked up by artists from Endres Mfg. Company

Thursday, July 1: Virtual Kick-Off Party via ZOOM with Artist’s (Butterflies to be completed by this date)

Monday, July 6 : Completed butterflies are due to the Waunakee Public Works Facility

Week of July 6: Butterflies go on display along Main Street

Sunday, September 13 at 3:30 PM: WauktoberFest auction of Butterflies on Main art pieces