What is a TIF?

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is a special funding tool available to local municipalities that spurs economic development which otherwise would not occur. When a Tax Increment District (TID) is created property owners within the district continue to pay the same property tax rates as those outside the district. The difference is that tax collections, over and above the "base value", are placed into a special fund that is used to pay for project costs. Once all costs incurred by the creation of the TID are recooped by the additional tax increment created, the TID is closed and the additional property taxes created are shared by all taxing entities. The use of TIF varies from project to project and district to district. In some cases, the Village uses TIF to promote redevelopment of older parts of the community. In other cases TIF is used to create industrial parks through land acquisition and construction of infrastructure. In both cases, increased property tax collections are used to pay down debt service associated with project costs. Below is additional information regarding TIF:

What is TIF? 

How Does TIF Work?

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