Care Trak

Care Trak is an organization serving Sheriff, Police, Fire, and EMS agencies nationwide.

Participants are fitted with a personalized Care Trak wristband. This unique wristband is a battery-operated transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. Using specialized equipment, this signal can be tracked by our trained personnel.

Care Trak of Dane County emphasizes relationships between law enforcement and the people who may wander before the need may arise for a rescue.
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Who Qualifies?
If you care for a loved one who has a history of wandering due to a disorder such as Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, or Autism, this program is for you.

Trained Dane County Sheriff’s Deputies will come to your home and fit the participant with a transmitter that can be used to track their whereabouts if they ever become lost or are missing.

Participants must live in Dane County. Caregivers are responsible for following the conditions set by Care Trak and The Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

If interested, please contact the Dane County Sheriffs Department at 608-284-6800.